LogRhythm SIEM

Detect and remediate security incidents quickly and for a lower cost of ownership. LogRhythm SIEM offers embedded modules, dashboards, and rules that help you quickly deliver on the mission of your security operations center (SOC).

How LogRhythm SIEM Can Help Your Security Operations: LogRhythm SIEM creates an easy-to-follow security narrative that consolidates user or host data and activity into one view, helping analysts quickly understand and remediate security incidents. LogRhythm SIEM streamlines incident investigation and response with a visual analyst experience that tells a security story about a user or host using all available data within the SIEM, helping security teams prioritize and focus on things that matter most.

Detect Threats Earlier and Faster: When it comes to stopping threats, seconds matter. That’s why we built our SIEM platform for speed. You’ll quickly identify threats, automate and collaborate on investigations, and remediate threats with agility.

Gain Visibility Across Your Environment: Gain greater insight across your entire enterprise — from your endpoints to the network to the cloud. Easily search across your log and other machine data to find the answers you need and know what’s happening across your environment.

Easy to Use: Enable analysts at all levels to quickly understand the severity of threats and use LogRhythm’s native built-in response capabilities to eliminate them fast. Remove the blockers that slow your team down with the easy-to-use capabilities of the SIEM. Get your organization up and running rapidly with our fast time to deployment.

Build for Today, Scale for Tomorrow: The complexity and scale of your environment is growing rapidly. Don’t settle for an entry-level solution that you’ll soon outgrow. Get high performance and reduced operating costs — for today and tomorrow.

LogRhythm NDR

LogRhythm NDR enables overwhelmed security teams to detect network cyberattacks efficiently and effectively with advanced analytics. NDR collects user, host, and network data and utilizes both machine learning and deterministic detection techniques to gain seamless visibility, reducing the dwell time of threats that live outside the perimeter. With LogRhythm NDR, security teams can easily hunt and investigate surfaced incidents to help reduce the cost associated with attacks that usually go unnoticed.

Eliminate Gaps in Visibility: Not every device can have an agent installed, and not every device can send a log. LogRhythm NDR provides a comprehensive view into all enterprise devices, entities, and network traffic while analyzing traffic flows across the environment, including activity that moves laterally.

Detect the Undetectable: It’s the invisible threat that can harm your business. LogRhythm NDR identifies traffic anomalies that signal malicious activity such as command and control, lateral movement, data exfiltration, and malware activities. LogRhythm NDR can detect sophisticated evasion methods or “known unknown” cyber threats and brand new zero-day threats or “unknown unknowns.”

Reduce Dwell Time: Reduce the pool of threats that need investigation. Our advanced analytics provides higher-fidelity alarms across the entire network to surface the most pertinent threats and reduce attacker dwell time by exposing their activity without them knowing.

Lower Costs: Our flexible, centralized patented mesh technology ensures on-site analysis of network traffic as the data is not shipped to the cloud to perform the analytics, keeping costs predictable and affordable.

LogRhythm UEBA

As cyberattacks continue to grow in volume and sophistication, it’s more important than ever to have greater detection capabilities with advanced analytics.

LogRhythm UEBA uses machine learning to detect user-based anomalies and helps analysts prioritize the findings for investigation and response.

Defend your organization with advanced user behavior analytics: With the shortage of qualified analysts, inefficient manual processes, and complexity of attacks, it’s crucial to have a user and entity behavior analytics solution that provides extra layers of detection to protect the organization against potential threats.

LogRhythm enhances your threat detection coverage in addition to existing out-of-the-box AI Engine UEBA rules. LogRhythm UEBA helps detect outliers and automatically sets scores without the need of explicit defined logic.

As a cloud-native add on, LogRhythm UEBA functions as an advanced UEBA log source in the LogRhythm SIEM platform. You can build customizable dashboards, run and save searches, and leverage AI Engine rules setting alarms and SmartResponse™ automated actions.
Analysts can use the individual anomaly scores and a summary user score to prioritize anomalies for investigation and response.

Self-evolving ML for faster threat detection and analysis: With LogRhythm UEBA, your team’s threat detection improves by applying self-evolving ML algorithms for security across enormous, cloud-based centralized datasets.

LogRhythm UEBA can help you detect:

  • Insider threats
  • Account compromise
  • Privileged account abuse and misuse

Key Features

  • Detect Threats Earlier and Faster
  • Gain Visibility Across Your Environment
  • Easy to Use
  • Build for Today, Scale for Tomorrow
  • Solve today’s threats — and tomorrow’s too
  • Achieve rapid time to value
  • Get smarter, faster
  • Accelerate threat detection
  • Leave data preparation to LogRhythm