Identity Without Frustration

Behavioral biometrics for enterprise logins and entire workdays.

Plurilock helps your cloud, your endpoints, and the rest of your IT infrastructure to recognize your employees automatically, without extra devices, steps, or interruptions.
Frictionless MFA and continuous authentication enable your workers to simply work—rather than spend time proving who they are. “Invisible Login MFA – Continuous Authentication”

Key Features

  • SECURE - Behavioral Biometrics | Machine learning - Biometric technology and machine learning        that rely on movement and time—not on yet more layers of credentials.
  • RAPID - Quick to spot credential theft and misuse - Stop phished credentials at login and spot        session takeovers in seconds, without additional steps for authorized users.
  • DEEP - Enriched data to reveal illicit activity - Correlate moment-by-moment interaction with        interactive processes and events for deep situational awareness.


Plurilock - Invisible Second Factor Authentication