Always up-to-date network inventory

Slurpee is a powerful and easy to use network discovery solution that offers 100% accurate network inventory with actionable data to improve your network’s security, problem resolution and automation.

Security managers:It’s increasingly difficult to know what users and devices are on your network and who has access to your corporate data. Slurpee provides full insight into all IT assets on your network.

Network admins:Figuring out how things are connected in your network can be a headache. Without logging into devices, Slurpee offers all you need. Simply search for an IP address or device name and find out what’s connected or which ports are free.

Helpdesk staff:It’s crucial to quickly pinpoint a problem. Slurpee knows exactly who is connected to what, which switch, router, access point, port, interface, vlan etc. This saves valuable resolution time for support staff.

Key Features

  • Easy to start
  • Start for free (no credit card required)
  • Easy onboarding wizard
  • Discover or upload network devices
  • Define what data you want
  • Schedule how often
  • Store and search offline
  • Share reports
  • Integrate with RestAPI